Conversations 3.1: New Forms of Public Space

Monday November 9
PennDesign Open House for applicants

CONVERSATIONS 3.1: New Forms of Public Space*
James Corner, Marilyn Jordan Taylor, and others
6:30pm, Meyerson Hall

*Admission is free, but tickets are required for this event. Tickets will be available one hour prior to the start time in the lobby of Meyerson Hall.

The event provides an opportunity to celebrate three significant and extraordinarily successful projects by PennDesign Faculty across departments of the School that exemplify changes in the conception of public space: The New York High Line, and a successful bid for Pier 11 in Philadelphia, by Field Operations, led by James Corner, The Morning Line, an important public art project by internationally recognized artist and Dean’s Appointment, Matthew Ritchie, commissioned by Francesca von Hapsburg of TB21, The Pentagon Memorial by PennDesign Lecturers Julie Beckman and Kieth Kaseman, principals of KBAS. Recognizing all four projects for the tremendous achievement they are allow us to broaden the discussion into a consideration of new ways of reusing, readapting, and re-thinking urban space, focusing on interdisciplinary approaches and integrated design techniques.

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