Planning Commission Meeting AGENDA ATTACHED



1. Approval of the Minutes of the September 19, 2012, meeting.

2. Executive Director's Update.

3. Staff Presentation: Recognition of American Planning Association "Great Places in America" Neighborhood Award to the Chestnut Hill (Presented by David Schaaf).

4. Action Item: Adoption of Philadelphia2035 Lower Northeast District Plan (Presented by Ian Litwin).

5. Action Item: Acceptance of Hunting Park Neighborhood Strategic Plan 2022 (Presented by David Ortiz and Pita Lacenski Oxholm of Esperanza).

6. Action Items: Legislative Amendments to the Zoning Code:

a. Zoning Bill 120654: Amending the Zoning Code relating to stream buffers, waterfront setbacks, certain overlay districts; and the Water Department Hydrology Map designating watercourses subject to waterfront setback requirements (Introduced by Councilmember Jones for Council President Clarke on September 13, 2012; Presented by Paula Brumbelow).

b. Zoning Bill 120656: Amending the Zoning Code by modifying lot area and parking requirements for the "RM1" Residential Multi-Family and the "CMX1, CMX2, and CMX2.5" Commercial Mixed-Use districts (Introduced by Councilmember O'Neill on September 13, 2012; Presented by Marty Gregorski).

c. Zoning Bill 120781: Amending the Zoning Code by... Daycare Amendments to the Zoning Code (Introduced Councilmember Reynolds Brown on October 4, 2012; Presented by Larissa Klevan).

7. Action Item: Zoning Remapping Bill 120724: Remapping a portion of the area bounded by Fifth, Clearfield, and Sixth Streets, and Allegheny Avenue from "I2" Medium Industrial to "CMX3" Community Commercial Mixed-Use (Introduced by Councilmember Sanchez on September 20, 2012; Presented by Marty Gregorski).

8. Action Item: Streets Bill 120648: Striking Senate Street from a point 106 feet west of Rosewood Street to its terminus (Introduced by Councilmember Johnson on September 13, 2012; Presented by Sarah Chiu).

9. Action Item: Streets Bill 120649: Striking "A" Street from Erie Avenue to a cul-de-sac turnaround to accommodate new hospital development (Introduced by Councilmember Sanchez on September 13, 2012; Presented by Sarah Chiu).

10. Action Item: Streets Bill 120661: Revising the lines and grades of Delaware Avenue from Spring Garden Street northwest to Ellen Street, and of Penn Street from Delaware Avenue northwest to Ellen Street, to accommodate a pedestrian and bicycle trail (Introduced by Councilmember Squilla on September 13, 2012; Presented by Sarah Chiu).

11. Action Item: Streets Bill 120723: Striking and relocating a drainage right-of-way on a site located at the northeast corner of Island and Bartram Avenues to accommodate new hotel development (Introduced by Councilmember Johnson on September 20, 2012; Presented by Sarah Chiu).

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