Citizens Planning Institute

The Citizens Planning Institute has been envisioned by the Philadelphia City Planning Commission to be its official education and outreach arm. The focus of the Institute is to educate citizens about the role good planning and implementation play in helping to create…



CPI Planning Classroom - Session Three: The Development Process – Nuts & Bolts

Session Three: The Development Process – Nuts & Bolts April 29, Wednesday, 6:00-9:00pm Unit 1: The Development Process – the Private Side.  John will help you sympathize with developers as he outlines the multiple elements of the development process in an easy to understand way. You’ll learn the steps to get projects built and the financial constraints all developers face. The roles of various stakeholders impacting development will be discussed through both small-scale and large-scale perspectives. Our special guest speaker will provide an overview of the rapidly changing landscape of development in Philadelphia. John Mondlak, Senior Director of Real Estate…

CPI Planning Classroom - Elective 1: Climate Change Preparedness

Elective 1: Climate Change Preparedness May 6, Wednesday, 6:00-9:00pm Unit One: What does Climate Change Mean for Philadelphia? Discussions of climate change are often focused on long-term, global problems, but these changes will have big consequences here in Philadelphia.  Learn why climate scientists are projecting that Philadelphia will be hotter and wetter in the future and how you can be involved in adapting for these changes.  Preparing yourself, engaging your community, and advocating for policymakers to consider climate in their decisions will help make sure neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia continue to improve, even as the weather changes. Sarah Wu, Deputy Director for…

CPI Planning Classroom - Elective 2: The Land Bank & Community Access

Elective 2: The Land Bank & Community Access May 13, Wednesday, 6:00-9:00pm Unit 1: The Philadelphia Land Bank Philadelphia became the largest American city to establish a municipal land bank last December. The land bank represents a significant attempt to fix a broken vacant property process- with an end goal of putting thousands of vacant, underused, blighted and delinquent properties to new uses. Now comes the hard work of implementation- developing policies, transferring properties into the Land Bank from various city agencies, and making sure the process includes another way for communities to have a voice in decisions about vacant…

CPI Planning Classroom - Elective 3: Equitable Development

Elective 3: Equitable Development May 20, Wednesday, 6:00-9:00pm Unit One: Equitable Development Strategies While some areas of Philadelphia are booming, far too many Philadelphians live in communities plagued with vacant properties, poor housing conditions and a lack of economic opportunities. “Equitable development” is an approach to creating healthy, vibrant communities of opportunity for everyone. In this unit, learn about specific strategies that cities across the country have used to achieve three equitable development goals in changing neighborhoods: 1) Help existing residents and businesses to remain in place and capture the benefits of development and investment; 2)  Reduce the social…
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