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Hidden City Philadelphia inspires people to be curious about the city, to fall in love with its remarkable but lesser-known places, and to give their time, resources, and ideas to realize new futures for the places and communities where we…



Forgotten Broad Street Walking Tour

So you think you know Philadelphia? Not compared to the guy Hidden City calls The Shadow, aka GroJlart, the foul-mouthed blogger who writes Philaphilia   Join him for a two hour walking tour of Broad Street between Lombard and Vine (with a few detours). Groj (as we like to call him) will not only tell you quirky details about the architectural gems, but also give you the scoop on the vacant lots, the failed plans, even the parking garages along Philly's main thoroughfare.   We're not sure if he'll curse much, but even if he keeps things PG, he's definitely not…
    • phpkc2w2v

Death & Life at Mt. Moriah Cemetery Walking Tour

Mount Moriah is the largest cemetery in Pennsylvania, and home to some of our city's finest grave architecture.  Trees and vines have engulfed the gravestones in some areas, giving the place the feel of a lost city in the jungle.  lAlmost every style of tomb can be found here, from Egyptian Revival to Art Nouveau.  Guests will learn about the role of cemeteries as a place for leisure in the Victorian era, as well as the influence of the Freemasons.    This tour requires significant walking, so practical shoes and water are a must.  Part wilderness and part sculpture-garden, this city…
    • phpathsnt

Tales from David Lynch's Eraserhood Walking Tour

When David Lynch moved to Philadelphia in the late 1960s to attend PAFA, he discovered a city that was both terrifying and inspiring. Explore the neighborhood just blocks away from PAFA that so electrified Lynch's imagination with Hidden City's Peter Woodall and Lynch--and Eraserhood--afficionado, Bob Bruhin. During this one-and-a-half hour walking tour, we'll delve into the area's industrial history, as well as the sights and sounds that inspired Lynch's movies, particularly Eraserhead. For more information, please check out our website:

Forgotten Chestnut Street Walking Tour

Now's the time! Sleepy 'ol Chestnut Street east of Broad is on the upswing again after decades of decline. The tattered remnants of past eras are getting torn down or rebuilt. Things are changing fast, but as you'll see from this tour, that's always been the case. Join GroJLart for an exploration of the past, present, and future of one of Philadelphia's most dynamic and important corridors. The tour begins at 9th and Chestnut and runs all the way to Broad Street. This may sound like an awfully short tour, but trust us--those blocks are packed with fascinating history, architectural and otherwise,…
    • phppuy2oe

Forgotten North Broad Street Walking Tour

South Broad Street's scruffy, unsung big brother gets the attention it deserves in the newest tour from GroJLart, author of the foul-mouthed Philaphilia blog and Hidden City's The Shadow Knows column. From the vacant "Tower of Truth" to the decaying Metropolitan Opera House, to the remnants of its days as "Auto Row," North Broad has the goods.  Groj will lead you on a long walk up North Broad between Vine and Poplar with a couple of detours, where he'll detail the past, present, and future of every building, garage, surface lot, big promise, and broken dream this huge little street…
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