University of Pennsylvania School of Design

In fall 2003, the historic Graduate School of Fine Arts became the University of Pennsylvania School of Design. Our new name—familiarly PennDesign—describes what we are now, a single school, within a great university, dedicated to promoting excellence in design across a…



PennDesign: Simulating Natures

This symposium explores how recent forms of media influence our understanding and formation of landscapes. We will examine the substantial changes that have occurred within the digital realm over the last decade, focusing in particular on the development of computationally enabled imaging and modeling. How can we better engage the “invisibles”—biotic and abiotic interactions and flows—that exist outside of our creation but nevertheless can only be understood through our systems of representation? This symposium considers emerging methods and vocabularies that engage this question, and looks to our allied fields—engineering, ecology, art and architecture—for points of convergence, and also to challenge our…
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