Thrift Week Luncheon @ The Historical Society of Philadelphia

Celebrate Thrift Week at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania! Please join us for a luncheon and keynote lecture, featuring Dr. Andrew T. Hill, economic education advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank in Philadelphia. Over the past decade, there has been increased attention on the need to include personal finance in the K-12 curriculum. This perceived need has been fueled by articles from the popular press, statistics on the impact of poor financial decisions made by young adults, and articles from the academic community.

While there has been a growing interest in offering personal finance education in the K-12 classroom, there is limited evidence that personal finance instruction increases student personal finance achievement. Hill’s lecture will examine, in a broad way, the existing research into the effectiveness of personal financial education, particularly at the high school level. This luncheon and lecture is sponsored by the Institute for American Values.

National Thrift Week is a public education campaign from January 17–23 that seeks to bring together educators and a broad coalition of citizen leaders who share an appreciation of thrift as the wise use of resources and a conviction that thrift is the friend of sustainable prosperity, broad economic opportunity, beautiful neighborhoods, and a healthy planet.

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