Conversations in Conservation: The Sassi of Matera: the persistence of the prehistoric past for the town of the future

Pietro Laureano, an architect and urban planner, is a UNESCO consultant for arid regions, water management, Islamic civilization and endangered ecosystems. He has rebuilt the water systems of Petra, in Jordan, contributing to the UNESCO plan for ‘Greater Petra’, and restored canals and drainage systems in Lalibela, Ethiopia, as team leader of the UNESCO and World Monument Fund (WMF) projects. He has led the recovery of the troglodyte city of the Sassi of Matera in southern Italy and is founder and coordinator of Ipogea, Centre for Studies on Traditional Knowledge. He is part of the working group responsible for drafting the new UNESCO Landscape Convention. 

Conversations in Conservation is a seminar series organized but the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation and the Architectural Conservation Laboratory of the School of Design to schowcase the recent research in the history, theory and professional practice of architectural conservation worldwide. 

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