Civic Engagement Launchpad: Project Brainstorm

We’re changing the way city government works with tech and data. You can too.

At Code for Philly, you don’t need to be a technologist to be a civic hacker. It takes a team with set of diverse talents, perspectives, and experience to make a civic tech project successful.

We’re coming together to improve democratic systems and creating tools for greater civic engagement at our month-long event, Civic Engagement Launchpad. 

Some of our veteran community members may wonder about the name of this event.The CELaunchpad is a new name and format for our previous annual Democracy Hackathon.

Read our event announcement for all the details about the event format, reason for the name change, and the focus of the event.  

RSVP for this free event on Meetup to attend. Join us for the weekend hackathon by getting a ticket here

As with all our events, we expect participants to follow the Code for Philly Code of Conduct

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