History Lab: Fiction and the Future

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When reading the news, we sometimes come across tales of new inventions that look suspiciously like technology from classic science fiction. Headlines might announce real-world versions of robots, tricorders, flying cars, or invisibility cloaks. Scientists readily credit the fiction that inspired them or use metaphors from well-known stories to explain their work.

How does fiction influence science, and how does science influence fiction? Can the stories we tell about the future actually shape what is to come? And how might the process of scientific discovery change if different types of people, places, and experiences were more widely represented in our science fiction?

This workshop explores intersections between fiction, science, and the future. We’ll dig into some examples of literary tropes that have influenced scientists, reflect on our favorite works of sci-fi, and experiment with creative-writing techniques. Bring your curiosity, a penchant for storytelling, and an enthusiasm for science fiction!

Discussion led by Jacqueline Boytim and Roger Eardley-Pryor.

This event is free, but registration is required.

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