Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival!!

    • AAU Mid-Autumn festival 2017
      AAU Mid-Autumn festival 2017
This Saturday, September 23rd from 12:30 - 7 pm, AAU is excited to be holding the 22nd Annual Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival. The Festival takes place on 10th Street in the center of Chinatown between Arch and Vine Streets. This year’s Festival has special significance for AAU in the face of the onslaught attacks on immigration communities. 
The Mid-Autumn Festival is a day when we honor the traditions of autumn moon-festivals across Asia by celebrating many cultures and gathering in Philadelphia’s Chinatown with family and friends for performances of traditional and contemporary art forms (including Chinese Opera, Lion Dances, Kung Fu, Indonesian dance, Cambodian dance, Vietnamese Danh Tran, Philippine folk arts and more).  There are traditional craft-making for children, riddles and fortune telling, and carnival games made especially for this festival. This day is fueled by more than 200 volunteers - many of whom have grown up taking part in these homegrown traditions and who now return to help carry them on with pride. The Festival ends at dusk (6pm) with the lantern parade when community members parade through Chinatown followed by Dragon Dancers. 
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