Tell Your Story with Graphics

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Event run by South Philadelphia Library. Please email with any questions! Thank you!

Humans are visual creatures. Pictures help us learn, understand, and remember things better. For this reason, more and more businesses are using infographics to persuade their audience, tell a story, and display their data in a graphical way.

In this workshop, students will observe that infographics are often used to raise awareness or sell products in social media, and are more easily searched and viewed on the Pinterest platform. Students will learn the difference between good and bad research, gather information on a topic of their choosing, and then use a free, online tool called Piktochart to make an infographic from the data collected.

Note: Snacks will be provided. Use Tasker-Morris subway stop. Look for S. Phila Health & Literacy Center on southwest corner. Street parking (spots in front on Broad St are metered). Free parking on neighboring blocks (west is better). Beware 2 hr parking limits.

Market Frankford El – 52nd & Market (going West or East)

Bus Route 21 – 52nd & Chestnut (going West) and 52nd & Walnut (going East)

Bus Route 52 – 52nd & Chestnut (going South) and 52nd & Walnut (going North)


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