Special 'PHS Farm For the City' Rain Barrel Workshop!

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Our Rain Check partners at the PHS : Pennsylvania Horticultural Societyhave created an incredible green space in the heart of our city with PHS Farm for the City, and we are very excited to host a special summertime workshop that will be held amid the veggies, fruits and herbs. 

This free workshop will get you started on sustainable home improvement projects like free rain barrels or discounted downspout planter gardens. 

Use the tickets link on the event listing to RSVP or just head to

How Rain Check works: 
As our Rain Check partners, PHS : Pennsylvania Horticultural Society hosts workshops across the city every month.

Firms certified by the Sustainable Business Network install planters, rain gardens, and other green stormwater landscaping as part of PWD's efforts to combat polluted runoff that impacts waterways and creates sewer overflows. 

Homeowners who invest in projects like de-paving concrete pads can get up to $2,000 through Rain Check cost-sharing. 

When you register, you can also explore some of the options and see what will be a good fit for your property. 

Those who rent can still get green tools with permission from the property owner.

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