Harrison Doyle : An Urban Narrative

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With over a year in the making...WP Gallery is proud to announce -

"HARRISON DOYLE" : An Urban Narrative

opens  SEPTEMBER 28TH, 2018

Fusing traditional and contemporary techniques with a vision as an urban artist living today,  Harrison Doyle will take you on a personal journey through his life by meticulously capturing crucial moments of LOVE. (in no particular order)

The love of painting.

The love of a woman. 

The love of his crew. 

The love of the urban environment...

Harrison Doyle has always found comfort in two places: traditional art-making and counter-culture lifestyles. He finds freedom in carving a path against the grain. His muse is his personal journey into a culture that he continues to explore. The life of a writer is a statement in itself and has become his subject for the basis of his first solo exhibition entitled “An Urban Narrative: Let Us Now Praise Infamous Men”

From a young age, Harrison always enjoyed making art with inspiration from life. His experience at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts embedded a respect for traditional techniques. His life as a writer taught him about typography and how to use enamel and spray paint. He also gained a large sign collection and a respect for a culture that birthed the Urban Art movement. Combining his passions for traditional American Art, his environment, and his lifestyle;  Harrison Doyle’s ‘Urban Narrative ’ is a snapshot of a chapter in his life. Authentic and elusive; humble and unadulterated; his work is meticulously rendered and painstakingly painted on found metal signs encased with an innovative technique to ensure to its beholder that the sum of all of its parts are greater than the work alone.

*please mark the date and join us from 6:30 - 9:30 PM September 28th for a special night with the artist and his newest body of work.

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