An Illustrated History of Fairmount Park

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Lucy Strackhouse of the Fairmount Park Conservancy will present an illustrated history of Fairmount Park, in the former Chestnut Hill home of Fitz and Edie Dixon. Mr. Dixon was Chair of the Fairmount Park Commission from 1983-2002, like his great-grandfather P.A.B. Widener before him. Current and former Fairmount Park Commission leaders will also share some anecdotes about Fitz Dixon Jr. and his relationship with the Park. Lecture to be followed by a wine and cheese reception.

The Discovering Chestnut Hill series gives the Chestnut Hill Conservancy the opportunity to celebrate our community’s special history. This fall, we highlight the Public Spaces, Special Places of Chestnut Hill. We invite you to explore our parks and their histories with us, from the ever-popular Water Tower to the gems hidden in plain sight. 

Tickets: $30 for Conservancy Members, $40 for Non-Members Purchase Tickets 

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