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Saving Women's History Through Historic Preservation in Greater Philadelphia: Opportunities & Challenges

The Philadelphia History Museum will host a panel discussion about  women who have taken the lead in historic preservation and interpretation from house museums to Independence Hall. Speakers include Hilary Iris Lowe of… Read More

The New Normal for Downtowns

This workshop will be led by David Mildner, DANTH, Inc., who is nationally recognized for his expertise on the new normal for downtowns, the deliberate consumer, multichannel retailing and niche revitalization… Read More

West Mt. Airy Pruning Session

  • 2:00PM 4:00PM
Mark Fallon will be leading these events.  Please contact him at for information and to sign up.

Next at DAG: Promoting Social Impact Real Estate Through Public Sector Partnerships

This will replace the DAG meeting that was snowed out in February. Greg Heller, executive director of the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority, will discuss his vision for the PRA, its new… Read More

Elfreth's Alley Bits & Bites of History

Elfreth's Alley will kick off its First Friday "Bits & Bites of History" series with a presentation by Duke Dunne of Old City's Bloke's Barbershop & Gentleman's Emporium about the significant… Read More

Dirt Day & Soil Kitchen Event at Dirt Factory

The Dirt Factory will be distributing up to 10 gallons per person of screened compost produced from University City’s fallen leaves and food scraps. The Soil Kitchen will also be testing soil… Read More

Philadelphia Land Bank Board Meeting

Community Network Conference at Temple

  • 9:30AM 3:30PM
  • 1901 Vine St
The Choice Neighborhood was created by Temple University's College of Education. It's a collaboration between community leaders, residents and stakeholders to create and implement a plan that transforms their community and addresses… Read More

Visionaries Roundtable in Chestnut Hill

Visionaries Roundtable: Preservation and Change in Chestnut Hill will feature discussion focused on how to balance preservation and development in Chestnut Hill in the wake of unprecedented urban expansion. Opening speakers include… Read More

Bartram's Mile Opening

This is a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Bartram's Mile, the first segment of Schuylkill Banks on the west side of the river, stretching from Grays Ferry Avenue, through Bartram's Garden to 56th Street. …

Civic Infrastructure: A Model For Civic Asset Reinvestment

Randall Mason, PennPraxis's executive director and an associate professor, will host a panel discussion about how cities can design assets beneficial for all residents. Participants include Maurice Cox, Detroit's planning director… Read More

Philadelphia Land Bank Board Meeting

Philadelphia Land Bank Board Meeting

Philadelphia Land Bank Board Meeting

Philadelphia Land Bank Board Meeting

Philadelphia Land Bank Board Meeting

Philadelphia Land Bank Board Meeting

Philadelphia Land Bank Board Meeting

Philadelphia Land Bank Board Meeting

Sharswood Exhibit at PennDesign

This exhibit features students' work from multiple universities and was created by the Young Friends of the Preservation Alliance. The students analyzed community initiatives and designs to be implemented in the… Read More

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