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Chris Renfro delivers Ewing Cole Lecture at PennDesign

This lecture features Chris Renfro who has taught at design at Rice University, the School of Visual Arts and Columbia University. 

Artist Aki Sasamoto at PennDesign

Aki Sasamoto, who will visit Meyerson Hall, works with sculpture, performance and dance. According to PennDesign's website, she aims to activate the "bizarre emotions behind daily life."  

Discussing Social and Environmental Justice at PennDesign

"Professor Manuel Pastor of the University of Southern California and Dean Frederick Steiner will have a conversation about Social and Environmental Justice" in Meyerson Hall, according to the event's page.

Architect Discusses "Designing Identities" at PennDesign

This discussion will be led by Joel Sanders, the principal of his New York-based studio JSA and an architecture professor at Yale University. He recently co-authored "Stalled: Gender-Neutral Bathrooms," an essay… Read More

Harlem Documentary Screened at PennDesign

The documentary "Changing Face of Harlem" will be shown in Meyerson Hall. The film was shot over a 10-year period and looks at the city's history and ongoing evolution. Its screening… Read More

Urban Crisis and Opportunity Presentation at PennDesign

"Steward Pickett, Distinguished Senior Scientists at the Cary Institue of Ecosytstem Studies, presents 'Urban Crisis and Urban Opportunity: A Role of Ecological Knowledge,'" in Meyerson Hall, according to PennDesign's website.

Accomplished Designer Speaks at PennDesign

Bill Burnett will lecture in the Lower Gallery of Meyerson Hall. He's currently the executive director of Stanford University's design program and has worked on a breadth of projects during his… Read More

Lecture and Book Signing at PennDesign

Ben van Berkel is the founder of UNStudio, an Amsterdam-based architecture firm that's completed revered work internationally. He will discuss the completion of a 19-year project he oversaw. 

Arab Architecture Discussed at PennDesign

Hossam Mahdy, a consultant on the Conservation of Built Heritage, will lecture about "vernacular built heritage" in the Arab region. 

Paris-based Architect Presents at PennDesign

Catherine Mosbach, the founder of Mosbach Paysagiste in Paris, will present her recent work in Meyerson Hall. 

"Experiments in Meta-Shaping and Self-Shaping: Haresh Lalvani" at PennDesign

Haresh Lalvani of the Lalvani Studio in New York and the Center for Experimental Structures in Pratt Institute's School of Architecture will speak at the University of Pennsylvania. 

"Landscape Dialogues" at PennDesign

This event is formatted as a public colloquium and participants will be encouraged to be active, move around and discuss, according to its page on PennDesign's website. University of Pennsylvania is… Read More

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