Mural Arts Program is hiring a Project Producer – Monument Lab

  • September 12, 2016
  • 1729 Mount Vernon St

About Mural Arts

We believe art ignites change. We create art with others to transform places, individuals, communities and institutions. Through this work, we establish new standards of excellence in the practice of public and contemporary art. Our process empowers artists to be change agents, stimulates dialogue about critical issues, and builds bridges of connection and understanding. Our work is created in service of a larger movement that values equity, fairness and progress across all of society. We listen with empathetic ears to understand the aspirations of our partners and participants. And through beautiful collaborative art, we provide people with the inspiration and tools to seize their own future.

About Monument Lab

Monument Lab: A Citywide Public Art and History Exhibition will engage multiple contemporary artists to explore a central guiding question, "What is an appropriate monument for the current city of Philadelphia?" Their explorations will culminate in a series of temporary, permanent, and ephemeral public artworks staged in Philadelphia's historic public squares. Monument Lab will be curated by public historian Paul Farber, professor and artist Ken Lum, and curator A. Will Brown.

Guided by the curators' expertise and a pilot phase with artist Terry Adkins last summer at City Hall, artists selected forMonument Lab will structure their projects to explore unspoken histories, draw on local memory, and provoke reflection on Philadelphia's identity. Mural Arts and our curators operate with the shared value that equitable representation of the city's multiple histories and identities is a necessary pre-condition for social progress.

Artists' projects will be anchored at up to ten public squares, historic civic commons idealized as spaces for gathering & exchange among diverse communities. Each square will 1) host work by one or more artists matched to the location based on the relevance of his/her interests to the opportunities present in that space or surrounding communities; and 2) will be accompanied by a pop-up laboratory space that will serve as a base for interpretive materials, public programs, and public engagement. During open hours at the lab, staff and volunteers will actively engage with visitors around the artworks. A series of public programs – including at least one at each local venue – will serve as forums for discussing the works of art, the issues they raise, and other issues of interest or concern to those living nearby.

We will also invite visitors to sketch their visions for monuments, building on Monument Lab's existing collected public dataset that maps sites, memories, and concerns significant to Philadelphia's residents. New ideas will be collected as proposals, and will be cycled back to the public on screens installed in each lab and at a central exhibition space. Realizing monuments proposed by visitors is not our end goal. Rather we strive to recognize and honor the historical knowledge produced through the process of engaging the city through sites of memory.

Position Description

The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program is seeking an independent contractor who will be responsible for supporting the curatorial team in the implementation of multiple projects within Monument Lab. The work will require support from October 2016 through November 2017. The primary programming for the initiative will occur in Fall 2017.

This position will support the Monument Lab curatorial team and Mural Arts program staff.


· Serve as the liaison between the curatorial team and Mural Arts

· Work with the curatorial team (which includes the Curators, Director of Installations, Director of Research, and Director of Special Projects) to execute the project vision

· Serve as a point person for Mural Arts staff assigned to specific projects

· Adhere to internal MAP protocols

· Serve as chief liaison with community and site partners necessary for the success of the initiative.

· Advance relationships with key stakeholders, especially project and program partners

· Track and Monitor budget for the exhibition, in collaboration with curator, Mural Arts development and finance departments.

· Assist curatorial team in managing timelines, contracts, production research and performance expectations

· Coordinate the logistics of artist and curator visits.

· Provide administrative support to the Monument Lab Advisory Committee

· Coordinate and contribute to programming, planned for Fall 2017, collaborating with Mural Arts' event managers to plan logistics

· Coordinate the organization of editorial content for Monument Lab publications

Some nights and weekends will be required as the project demands.


The ideal candidate will have a minimum of 3 years' experience in project management. Commitment to the mission and values of the Mural Arts Program, a solid work ethic, excellent interpersonal skills, political savvy, and a respect for teamwork are critical to success in this position. An ability to be a good culture traveler and work well with diverse populations in Philadelphia is essential. A background in the visual arts or other creative processes is important and knowledge of public or contemporary art or muralism a plus. Candidate will be detailed oriented and have a solid record of bringing projects in on time and on budget. Strategic thinking and creative problem solving is required. Candidate should be able to juggle multiple tasks and to maintain focus in a fast-paced, high pressure environment. A valid driver's license is required.

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