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Position: Project Support/Expediter


Position Description

This is a part-time position (approximately 15 hours/week, at least to start) in a growing zoning and permitting company in Philly.  

The work is split into two main components: In-office as well as expediting.

What does Philadelphia Zoning do and what is Zoning?

Zoning is the governmental regulations around the use of land and structures. Philadelphia Zoning works with real estate developers/investors and business owners managing their zoning projects. We get to work on some awesome projects with pretty cool people; we’ve helped open businesses like tattoo shops, acupuncture studios, and coffee shops, and help developers build and renovate commercial and residential buildings.

Philadelphia’s mission is to simplify the zoning and permitting process for its clients while being accountable and transparent. Therefore, as a person you value and embody the same characteristics of being accountable, open, and honest.

Who is the position great for?

This role is ideal for a few different types of people: Maybe you are interested in real estate. Perhaps you are interested in the legal side of real estate and zoning. This would also be great for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to gain experience in a very innovative and entrepreneurial business environment. You can also be someone where it doesn’t really matter what you are doing, as long as you are learning, growing, and contributing.

Specific Duties

  1. Manage mass mailings:  Collect addresses into one document, print addresses onto envelopes, fill the envelopes with necessary materials, and make sure they get out the door by deadline.

  2. Create and organize packets:  Some of our cases require large bundles of documents to be delivered and presented to different community organizations as well as the Zoning Board of Adjustments.  You’ll be responsible to clearly arrange these packets.  If the packets must be printed, you’ll be responsible for printing and binding them, or sending them off to the attorney handling the case.

  3. Prepare applications:  Every time a permit is applied for, we need to include a set of documents.  You’ll be responsible for ensuring all these documents are in order, so that we can pick them up and drop them off without having to check twice for one form or the other.

  4. Expediting: An expediter is able to file and obtain permits and licenses on someone’s behalf. As an expediter, you would be filing, tracking, and obtaining zoning permits, building permits, tax abatements, housing rental licenses/commercial activity licenses. This includes going to the city’s municipal building, zoning board of adjustments hearing room, Philly’s revision of taxes office, and other city offices.

  5. Project Management: Making sure projects are progressing in a timely manner; providing clients with updates, following up with the necessary parties, etc.


Required Skills and Attributes

We’re looking for someone with the discipline to move quickly, be on time, and meet deadlines.  We’re also looking for someone open to their role growing and evolving.

You must have a willingness and openness to learn, as zoning and permitting is a very niche topic with many moving parts.  You will get better at this position as you learn more about zoning and its processes and procedures in Philly. Like anything, there will be a learning curve..but if you enjoy learning, it will be fun and interesting.

Specifically, the role requires the following office skills:

-        Good command of Microsoft Office Suite

-        Good understanding of printing basics (like how to load different sizes of paper and fix a jam)

-        Basic customer service skills – You will be representing us when you pick up the phone or head to City Hall.  If a client or City employee is short with you, we’ll expect you to be patient with them.  If a client doesn’t give you the information you need, we’ll expect you to be polite but firm.

- Ability to problem solve, and critically and strategically think.

We are looking for a true team player. Talent does not mean much to us. If you do not have all of the required skills but you work hard and apply yourself, we want you.  Dedication, teamwork, and hustle are the three most important characteristics of those on or joining this team. Someone who takes full responsibility for themselves and their work is a must. To help understand if this position would be good for you, the following are characteristics and values that you should embody:

  • Respectful yet forceful: Forceful means you can be stern and obtain what you need from someone, but in a way that is supportive and non-threatening.

  • Consistent

  • Persistent

  • Patient

  • Attractive personality: You can make people feel welcome; you have a non-threatening demeanor. This is especially important for all of the different types of people and personalities you encounter when working with the city.

  • Willingness to contribute and ability to speak up: We want you to take full ownership of your role within the company: contributing to the growth, expansion, and development of the business.

  • Unique thinker: always thinking of ways to solve problems, be more efficient, etc.

  • Enjoys helping people: You are helping people open their business and develop huge construction projects. There is a lot on the line and you get to be apart of making it happen.

To Apply

  • Please send an email to

  • Subject line: Project Support/Expediter

  • Be sure to include your full name and phone number.

  • Also include where you are in life: Still in college? Graduated? Just moved back from China and looking for a job? Etc.

  • In the body of the message, let us know anything about you that you believe we should know when considering you for the position.

Going after a job is a challenging adventure with a lot of unknowns. This is not a position for someone looking to punch a clock. If you join us, we will have your back, it will be interesting, and it will be fun. We want to learn who you are as a person and will do what we can to help you learn and turn your personal goals and dreams into realities. This is not just about the workplace, it is about flourishing as a human being. We want your time here to be meaningful.  If you know you have something special in you, and that you are going places in life, this is the place for you. You don’t have to be perfect; you do not have to have it all figured out... but you have to have grit. You’re a winner, and you know it.

Philadelphia Zoning is changing the game of the zoning industry in Philly. We are a team of innovators and winners that are building something awesome and helping a lot of people along the way. If you are determined, hungry, and collaborative, you will fit right in.


Thank you for taking the time to review our posting about this position. We are excited for our new team member to join us and hit the ground running!

Thank you,

Alexa Ahrem
Chief Zoning Officer
Philadelphia Zoning


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