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Ashton is a neighborhood in Northeast Philadelphia. It includes Wooden Bridge run and is south to Pennypack Park. It is located in the vicinity of the Northeast Philadelphia Airport.

Ashton was originally a farmland owned by Thomas Holmes. Holmes emancipated his slaves upon his death.  As a result, many of their descendants owned much of the area. On Ashton Road sits their Bethany A.M.E Church which is known to be on of the oldest African-American churches.

Prior to the Act of Consolidation, it was a part of the former Delaware Township. After the Act of Consolidation, it was incorporated into the city of Philadelphia.  The name “Wooden Bridge” comes from Wooden Bridge Run, which is a creek that flows in the northern portion of Ashton. The name “Ashton-Wooden Bridge” started in the 1970s. 

Today, there are remnants of the slave decedent community that can still be seen near present-day Holme Circle. The housing stock consists primarily of row homes, townhouses and apartments. 

community groups: Ashton Square Civic Association


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