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Dickinson Narrows

    • Mt. Sinai now

UPDATED! Apartments, townhomes planned for former Mt. Sinai Hospital

UPDATED! The former Mt. Sinai Hospital in Dickinson Square West may be transformed into 237 residences. "The main hospital buildings will remain and be reused,"  said Richard C. DeMarco, attorney for…

    • 1143 North Delaware Ave.

Is it time for the sun to set on waterfront development gamesmanship?

Members of a group that advocates for the Central Delaware riverfront say developers have too often received zoning variances for projects that never materialize, starting a spiral that depresses waterfront development.…

    • The new GSK building, under construction.

On the brink of reaching a 10,000-jobs milestone, Navy Yard will soon release an updated Master Plan

The Philadelphia Navy Yard will soon be home to as many workers as the shipyard employed before it closed.At the end of this year, GlaxoSmithKline will finish construction on its…



Dickinson Narrows is a neighborhood in South Philadelphia. This neighborhood extends from Washington Avenue to Hoffman Street and from 4th Street to 6th Street. The area is often referred to as Philadelphia’s "newest old” neighborhood. Dickinson Narrows was originally settled by post World War II Jewish Immigrants. But by the 1950s, most immigrants had moved into the suburbs. The area's Jewish heritage can still be seen today, specifically in the mural near Mifflin Square. The area’s renowned public park, Dickinson Square, lies on the east side of the neighborhood, actually out of the borders of Dickinson Narrows. Like surrounding neighborhoods, Dickinson Narrows is often combined and confused with its adjacent neighborhoods such as Pennsport and Queen Village.


Dickinson Square West Civic Association 

Dickinson Square Park


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