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Holme Circle

    • Goldtex detail, March 2012.
    • The Stokes House at 2876-80 Welsh Rd. in Holme Circle. | Shannon McDonald, NEast Philly

Stokes House changes hands, redevelopment or restoration possible

The Stokes House, a 19th century stone farmhouse in Holme Circle, offers a rare peek into the area's more rural past, standing alone among the neighborhood's mid-century houses. Over the years, the Stokes…

    • Into Fame | flickr user phillytrax, Eyes on the Street flickr group


Holme Circle

The small, sprawling neighborhood named for surveyor Thomas Holme is centered around the circle intersection of Welsh Road, Holme Avenue and Ashton Road and includes smaller pocket neighborhoods of Ashton and Winchester Park, surrounded on all sides by Pennypack Park. The circle separates distinctive housing types like the common two-story twin with front-facing garage, ranch-style house and Winchester Park’s single split-levels. The area is bound by Roosevelt Boulevard and Pennypack Creek north and west of Cresco Avenue. Its neighbors are Holmesburg and Academy Gardens. Much of the land to the north and west of the circle was once part of the Stokes estate at 2876-80 Welsh Rd.

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