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    •  Frankford Transportation Center / URS

Lower Northeast plan to call for new development centered on SEPTA's Frankford Transportation Center

A draft of the PCPC's Lower Northeast District-level Comprehensive Plan will be presented to the public for comment next month.But input given at two public input sessions, surveys and other…

    • The Dixie Hummingbirds | phillytrax, Eyes on the Street Flickr group

New L&I Commissioner | Northeast budget hearing | inside Huntingdon Yarn Mill | PRA seeks developers for Francisville parcel

The Dixie Hummingbirds | phillytrax, Eyes on the Street Flickr group When L&I Commissioner Fran Burns becomes executive director of the Pennsylvania Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority in June, Carlton Williams will take…

    • Open Your Eyes | Flickr user phillytrax, Eyes on the Street Flickr group



Lawncrest is a neighborhood in Near Northeast Philadelphia. The name "Lawncrest" is a combination of Crescentville and Lawndale. Crescentville extends from Godfrey Avenue to Comly Avenue, where the Lawncrest Recreation Center is located. Lawndale runs from about Levick Street to Tyson Street, while others say it goes all the way to Cottman Avenue. Lawncrest borders Cheltenham Township, Montgomery County to the west. In the 1880’s, Lawncrest was primarily a German community, which was then known as Marburg. Parts of Crescentville were known as “Grubbtown” during the Civil War. Lawncrest is one of the neighborhoods of Northeast Philadelphia that has changed over the years due to white flight and urban decay. Most of this change was due to the aging population of the Pre and Post World War II residents that built up this community during the 1920s–1950s from the small farming community it was prior to. There are numerous Protestant churches within the Community, the oldest being Trinity Oxford Church dating back to 1698. Today, the main area of the Lawncrest neighborhood is Rising Sun Avenue where there are a good number of corner stores, hair salons, bars and Chinese take-out places. In the heart of the community is the Lawncrest Recreation Center, which was built on the location of an old city reservoir. Also on this property is the Community Library, built in the 1960s. The community is especially known for its annual 4 July celebration, which started back in 1915 as two separate events. The day includes a main parade down Rising Sun Avenue, baby parade, music, activities and a flea market at the Lawncrest Recreation Center, and fireworks at night.

Lawncrest Community Association

Lawncrest Town Watch

Lawncrest Fourth of July Committee


Lawncrest Trinity Oxford Church


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