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    • Our Lady of Mount Carmel School / Design Center

Design Center in the works for former Catholic School

As schools close and parishes wither there are few bright spots when it comes to many Catholic campuses across the city, but thanks to some creative partnerships, new uses are finding…

    • PHL Local Gaming's proposed entertainment and recreation district

PHL Local Gaming: If we get the license, you'll get a waterpark, zip-lines, restaurants and more

If tomato king Joe Procacci gets Philadelphia's second casino license, Philadelphia will also get a new entertainment district with restaurants, retail, sports facilities, zip-lines, a golf driving range, a dry ski/skateboarding…

    • Dan Keating in front of Keating's casino comparison chart

Wynn Philadelphia project manager: Here's why we're the best bet

The differences between Wynn Philadelphia and the five other groups jousting for Philadelphia's remaining casino license boils down to where their customers would come from, how they would get to the…



Whitman, named because of its close proximity to the Walt Whitman Bridge, is neighborhood in South Philadelphia. It extends from Bigler Street to Snyder Avenue and from 6th Street to Front Street. The neighborhood itself is easily lost within its adjacent neighborhoods, often being regarded as a part of Pennsport. While the area’s history is brief, it is full of controversy and struggle. Whitman Park, the proposed 1950’s low-income housing development, was at the center of the neighborhood's protest. Residents recall people lying in front of bulldozers to prevent the destruction of their neighborhood. In fact, the Whitman Council was established for the soul purpose of fighting off large-scale development. This area has seen minor developments since the Whitman Park “fiasco,” but for the most part has remained the same as it has always been. The area is also remembered for its resident, Joey Coyle, who stole 1.2 million dollars when it fell out of an armored truck. The story was later turned into the movie Money for Nothing.


South Philly Review on Whitman


  • Apr 16, 2015

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