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Executive Summary (pdf)

MAP: Ten Objectives in Ten Years

Making it Happen: Strategies to achieve ten objectives in ten years (pdf)

Setting a New Course for the River

Objective One: Appoint an open, accountable, effective waterfront manager (pdf)

Objective Two: Adopt clear zoning, a detailed master plan and a coordinated regulatory policy (pdf)

Enjoying the River

Objective Three: Build a continuous, 7-mile trail along the central Delaware riverfront (pdf)

Objective Four: Create new parks and improve two existing parks (pdf)

Getting to the River

Objective Five: Guarantee public access to the riverfront and make it easier for residents to walk and bike to the river (pdf)

Objective Six: Extend transit to the river (pdf)

Objective Seven: Extend key streets to the river (pdf)

Objective Eight: Manage traffic and parking in the central Delaware area (pdf)

Cleaning Up the River

Objective Nine: Create a 100-foot greenway along the water’s edge (pdf)

Objective Ten: Create a natural river’s edge and restore habitat (pdf)

Actions Summary 2008–2018 (pdf)

Conclusion (pdf)


"An Action Plan for the Central Delaware: 2008-2018" was developed in partnership with PennPraxis by the civic associations of the Central Delaware Riverfront.

Dickinson Narrows Civic Association
Fishtown Neighbors Association
Franklin Bridge North Neighbors Association
Neighbors Allied for a Better Riverfront
New Kensington Community Development Corporation
Northern Liberties Neighbors Association
Old Swede’s Court Homeowners’ Association
Old City Civic Association
Pennsport Civic Association
Port Richmond on Patrol and Civic Association
Queen Village Neighbors Association
River’s Edge Community Association
Society Hill Civic Association
Society Hill Towers Management Office
Whitman Council

We gratefully acknowledge the William Penn Foundation for its funding of this effort.

These civic principles summarize the aspirations of Philadelphia’s residents for the future of their riverfront. They have served as the foundation for the Civic Vision and the Action Plan for the central Delaware:
Reconnect the city to the river’s edge.
Honor the river.
Design with nature.
Strike the right balance.
Take the long view.
Protect the public good.
Make it real, Philadelphia

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