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Streetviews: Q&A with Carmen Febo San Miguel, director of Taller Puertorriqueño
For the last 12 years Dr. Carmen Febo San Miguel has run Taller Puertorriqueño, a Latino-centric arts and education nonprofit that’s been a cultural fixture in El Centro de Oro for 40 years. As part of our Streetviews video series, we sat down in Taller’s bookstore for a talk
Streetviews: Q&A with Kiki Bolender, architect and Design Advocacy Group chair
We continue our Streetviews video series with architect Kiki Bolender, talking about rowhouse strength, the need to invest in democratic spaces like parks and libraries, the woeful pettiness of our politics, and Philly as “the laboratory for the perfect American city.” Kiki Bolender: Architect and chair of Design Advocacy
Streetviews: Q&A with Andrew Dalzell
This week we continue our Streetviews video series with Andrew Dalzell, who was until recently the programs coordinator for South of South Neighborhood Association. Before jumping the pond for graduate school in Scotland, Dalzell sat down with us to talk shop about empowering residents to shape their neighborhoods, the
Streetviews: Q&A with the Community Design Collaborative's Beth Miller
We continue our Streetviews video series with Beth Miller, director of the Community Design Collaborative, who shares her insights on the dual challenges of vacancy and poverty reduction, the power of citizen planners, and why bringing change in Philly is about playing the long game. Beth Miller: Executive Director,
Streetviews Q&A: Aine & Emaleigh Doley, Germantown community organizers
This week’s Streetviews Q&A features sisters Aine and Emaleigh Doley, community organizers in Germantown. We sat down in a garden on their block to talk about some of Philly’s biggest challenges and opportunities: reconciling Philadelphia’s revitalizing neighborhoods with others continuing to struggle with blight and poverty, what Philly’s trash
Streetviews: Q&A with Women's Community Revitalization Project's Nora Lichtash
This week we continue our Streetviews video series with Nora Lichtash, director of the Women’s Community Revitalization Project. Nora talks about the power of coalition advocacy, development without displacement, and encouraging politicians to listen. Nora Lichtash: Director, Women’s Community Revitalization Project (WCRP) Home Neighborhood: Germantown since 1971 Favorite Place:
Streetviews: Q&A with Farah Jimenez, SRC commissioner
Next up in our Streetviews video series: Farah Jimenez, a commissioner on the School Reform Commission, talking about the importance of funding our schools, the problem of letting personal baggage impede progress, and how Philly says it doesn’t like change but it really can (and needs to) embrace new
Streetviews: Q&A with architect James Timberlake, partner at KieranTimberlake
Architect James Timberlake makes no bones about the ways he hopes Philly can improve. He sat down with us for this Streerviews Q&A in KieranTimberlake’s new offices to talk about how neighborhood balkanization holds Philly back, the need to implement a citywide multi-modal transportation vision, how to use our
Streetviews: Q&A with Development Workshop's Craig Schelter
Craig Schelter worked at the Planning Commission for 15 years and spent 19 years at the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation. He knows a thing or two about what makes Philly tick and how the city has changed since he moved here in 1968.These days he runs the Development Workshop.
Streetviews: Q&A with Francisville NDC's Penelope Giles
When Penelope Giles grew up in Francisville it was a bustling, middle-class neighborhood. Since she moved home to Francisville 15 years ago Giles has worked to turn the neighborhood back into an attractive, economically diverse place as director of the Francisville Neighborhood Development Corporation. In this week’s Streetviews Q&A

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